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Flash focus bar when no keyboard or mouse input for X seconds#128


There used to be a similar app called One Task that I loved (but has since died).

One thing I really liked is that when you were typing or using your mouse, the “Focus Window” would scroll into the top of the screen. As soon as you were idle for 45 seconds or so (this was configurable), the focus window would slowly slide down from the top of the screen and gently nudge you back on task. It was super effective.

8 months ago

This is very interesting.

Is the idea that if there’s no keyboard/mouse input, that you’ve stepped away from the computer? Curious of why this worked so well for you!

For me, most distraction would be when I’m typing or usinig my mouse. I do think it moving in and out of the screen would be helpful either way tho, simply because you would notice it more.

8 months ago