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Optimising Slash as a company process checklist that is easy to restart/repeat#132


Hi, nice work with the app!

I work for a finance startup where office staff need to accurately complete the same checklist multiple times a day. I love the linear simplicity of Slash and with a few enhancements it could be perfect for our needs.

The issue I’m having is it doesn’t seem possible to create a list and Slash through that list repeatedly, you have to manually set the list up again each time over and over again. Is there a one-click way of reinstating a checklist once it has been Slashed?

Ideally it could be auto-looped too.

The eventual dream would be to have that list on an iPad - we would simply tap or swipe on the iPad (or Apple Watch) once the task has been done and it would show the next task.


7 months ago
Merged into Recurring Tasks#2
6 months ago