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Bug - when pressing "meditation" icon aka take a break, there is no response#233


Two instances where the icon stops working after clicking it:

ISSUE: After there is a break, pressing meditation icon (for another extended break), there is no response from the button (does not turn white), and nothing happens.

SOLUTION: After going to the task list, thats when meditaion icon works again. Great! So i press mediation icon in this view, so I get my extended break.

FOLLOWING ISSUE: After my extended break (having pressed meditation icon in the task list), and the countdown timer has run out, meditation man remains hightlighted white, and I press it again, there is no response. (If this is on purpose there should be at least some feedback, like a red highlight colour, or a diagonal slash through the meditation icon) I have to go back to “Edit Tasks”, to press the icon again, for the break timer to continue.

a month ago