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Strikethrough formatting for done tasks#24

When I complete a task from the persistent task control on the bottom of the screen, I see a nice strikethrough on the task completed. But my done list doesn’t format with strikethrough formatting. I wish it did, it gives me more of a sense of accomplishment.

a year ago
Changed the title from "Strikethrough formatting for Done Tasks" to "Strikethrough formatting for done tasks"
a year ago

As an option (switch) to select

either [✔️] or ———-
or both
or neither
If neither, use a lighter text color for completed tasks

And some state change classics:
[ X ] cancel the task
[ ? ] Unknown dependency ir ajir
or manually set.
E aí eu scare constato in his destroy something either manual.
And set for my couple of respirators one if home]
state unknown (until it is.)
manual or triggered or immediately
[ w ] awaiting receipt of payment
a trigger(s) from a Slash-level/ set of for Slash
a task-level , provide some move what to occur
either based on next steps general state changes

plus triggers:
[ H ] held manually but releasable via API
[ C ] if it is on the countertop

a year ago