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Maximum Tasks + Limit # of Tasks does not work#289


I have tried this in the official mac app, and in the official slash beta app.

I have turned “Limit # of Tasks?” to On

I have set “Maximum Tasks” to 3.

But nothing seems to happen at all. I can still add an infinite number of tasks.

Fixing this would be awesome.

Thank you!

2 months ago

Okay, actually it seems to work in the Slash App (Beta), but you won’t know that it’s working untill you press the “Start Slashing” button

2 months ago

Yup this is fixed in the Beta! We thought the simplest solution was to check when you start working rather than when you drag-n-drop onto Today.

What do you think?

2 months ago

I think limiting the number of tasks upfront is more intuitive
. I had the problem and had to check whether it was a bug. I think that is more effective at forcing people to create better tasks.

a month ago