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Whitelist/blacklist of applications + websites based on task#4

The ability to specify groups of app & websites that should be blocked or enabled when you start a certain task.

5 years ago

Something similar to the Cold Turkey Micromanager App

4 years ago
Merged Website blocking#131
4 years ago

Perhaps an integration with an app that has this capability already?

4 years ago

There are are many time tracking apps out there, and there are many distraction blocking software out there too. But there is hardly any apps linking them together. Serene app is doing this, but their UI is not as good as Slash. I would prefer to pay for Slash over them if this feature is developed.

3 years ago

I’ve also seen other apps that do this but not on a task-by-task basis. I just checked out Serene but it looks like it’s only a blacklist and it applies to everything. My use case is sometimes I’m coding and I only need Terminal and VSCode open, and other times I’m making music and only want that software open as well as two websites I use for audio samples. If this was a feature I’d be more than happy to start paying for Slash

3 years ago

I currently use the Flow app on mac to selectively block apps. IT works well. In the process of trying to use the mac automator app to start a Flow session when I start Slashing.

3 years ago