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Mobile App V2#408

The UI on the IOS app is pretty lack-luster and for the longer tasks the name is blocked off and replaced with “..”, Having a newline would be better. Also the app should allow you to swipe to open the ‘menu bar’ instead of having to click the button each time. AND lastly the menu bar is white despite the rest of the app being in dark mode.

PS. I would like to say that despite these inconveniences the application is amazing it’s just that the IOS app needs a little more polishing

5 months ago
Changed the title from "Better UI for the IOS App" to "Mobile App V2"
4 months ago
Changed the status to
On Dev Roadmap
4 months ago

Yup we’re not happy with it either! Next step for the mobile app is to add:

  • Focus mode
  • Task scheduling
  • This Week list progress bar
  • Start Day + Week / End Day
  • Search
4 months ago