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iPad App#53


I’m working 100% on ipad, and I’d love to get the full slash experience on iOS ! Many thanks

a year ago

This would be awesome, but we can’t have an ever-present window on iOS :/ Did you have another idea of how you’d want it to work?

a year ago
Merged Slash vor IpadOS#110
10 months ago
Changed the title from "Create iOS full experience app for iPad users" to "iPad App"
10 months ago
Changed the status to
On Dev Roadmap
6 months ago

Can we get landscape support for the current app on iPad?

4 months ago

crazy suggestion but maybe you could try utilize something like the picture in picture mode to get an everpresent timer? Don’t know how practical that is but having the ability to organise the lists, start/stop timer on ipad would be great anyways.

3 months ago