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Nothing to suggest - but your app is awesome!#56


The best app I’ve tried since! Can’t wait to get a Windows app

a year ago

Thank you! ⚡️💛

Windows coming soon :)

a year ago

Also just want to say I love this app! It has changed my workflow and I am getting so much done now. I have used it everyday since the product hunt release. This app is way thought through. THANKS FOR MAKING IT!!!!

a year ago

Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot.

a year ago

The idea is very good, but the app is still on very early stages

a year ago

I cannot believe how one app can change my workflow so dramatically and make me more efficient. Well done to everyone involved!

8 months ago

I really like this app. will soon buy full version.

4 months ago

I have to agree. I’ve been a happy customer since the Product Hunt release and since then it’s become the single most important app in my daily workflow. I’d get nothing done during this COVID work from home routine if not for Slash. Thank you!!

22 days ago

@Sean Oliver thanks so much for the kind words! Look out for the major release coming very, very soon :)

21 days ago