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Improve Shortcuts#66

Generally, this app has very poor support for shortcuts for an app claiming that all other Todo apps are broken.

I see a lot of promise in it, though. But before you don’t let me interact with the macOS app primarily via shortcuts, then I’ll stick to Things which makes me much more productive in handling my Todo list.

Some examples of badly missing shortcuts:

  • ⌘, to open preferences (works in every other macOS app)
  • ⌘n to add new todo item (‘n’ for ‘new’ is also an extremely common standard in macOS apps)
  • Shortcut to go “back” (e.g. from preferences back to todo list)
  • ⌘enter to “Start Slashing”
  • ⌘up/down to move selected items up and down the list
  • ⌘m to move an item into another list

I’m sure I’m missing a lot more.

9 days ago

@Philip.paetz These are great suggestions! Very easy adds too. I’ll get this on my personal Slash to add :)

Jordan Lejuwaan
8 days ago
Changed the status to
In Development
Jordan Lejuwaan
6 days ago
Changed the status to
In Beta
Jordan Lejuwaan
6 days ago