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App has a memory leak#70


Hi Slash,

I experienced a huge pull on my resources after having used Slash for about 15 minutes. My laptop slowed down dramatically, my fan started to make a lot of noise and my battery was plummeting. I didn’t have the reflex to look at whether this was related to CPU or memory before I killed the app.

10 months ago
Changed the title from "Huge resource sink" to "App has a memory leak"
10 months ago

This should be fixed in the latest version of the app 0.8.18. Can you test and confirm?

9 months ago

Seems to work.

9 months ago
Changed the status to
9 months ago

Hey, same thing here, but I didn’t even have the app open - as you can see in the icon on the taskbar [windows 10 x64] (btw, how can I see what version I’m running or how to update? can’t see anything in settings)

7 months ago